Eastman Leather A2 .50 CAL - Seal Brown Timeworn Finish

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.50CAL is a small range of specialised garments that come only in our Time Worn finish. They will appeal to those who appreciate the nostalgic charm of a true vintage flight jacket.


This process is entirely hand done, which takes hours to achieve. The result is a jacket that is still brand new, but you get something that has a vintage lived-in patina that you can continue to add to from the first time you step out your door.


Eastman are a brand who are great at a lot things but when it comes to vintage reproduction flying jackets they are simply the best!

The .50 CAL A2 is a different spec to the regular Eastman, being made from a Veg-tanned Vintage Warhorse Horsehide. Horsehide can be tough work to break in and with many of us having to save our favourite leathers for Sunday best the option of a lightly broken in jacket gives us a jacket that looks and feels great from day 1.

The ageing process is entirely done by hand in Eastman's Devon factory, with each jacket receiving several hours of work to achieve that authentic lived in feel of a jacket from 1942.

Features setting this apart from the stock model include . USAF correct spec mustard cotton lining, worsted wool knit in the desirable rust/red, ring press studs and the all important Crown zipper.


    The Fit: Regular fit, you may find you can size down for a slimmer fit. Please check measurements and compare with a good fitting jacket you already own.

    Care: Professional Dry Clean only.

    How to Style: It's obvious but khaki chinos, loopwheel sweatshirt and Boondocker boots.

    Made in : UK

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