Jackman - Waffle Midneck Sweatshirt - Mahogany

£75.00 £150.00

Jackman have been making loop-wheel atheltic-wear since 1949 and still use the old machines. The feel and quality of a Jackman knit can not be replicated on modern machinery and the Jackman Waffle knits are a great example of this.

Sewn with flat seams for added comfort when worn close to the body, for the neckline cuffs and hem stiffer but lightweight stitch rib knit is used with a triple stitch needle to prevent stretching.

Made from Raffy cotton yarn, Raffy is a recycled tarn produced from cotton waste 

The Fit: One size fits all

How to style: Vintage Fisherman the Mahogany colour looks amazing under a heavy melton Navy Pea Coat 

Care: Machine Wash at low temperatures and hang dry.

Made in : Japan

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